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Tree Removal


There are a number of reasons as to why trees may have to be removed. Here are some of the common reasons that trees are removed:


Tree disease can stem from a range of external causes, some living and some non living. Though disease is a common reason for tree removal trees with disease do not necessarily have to be removed. Accurate diagnosis is key to determining whether tree removal is necessary.


Trees, like us, have life cycles during which they grow, mature and eventually die. For some types of trees the expected life span is as little as 15-20 years, while others endure thousands of years. A tree may complete its life cycle and die, or it may encounter pre-mature death as a result of disease, fire, storm damage or other external influences. Dead trees will eventually deteriorate, and can present a hazard if they are not removed.

Threat to property

A tree’s vast network of roots often consumes a lot of underground space. If the tree is located nearby a house or other building, it’s root system can be a threat to the foundation of the structure. Roots may cause pressure that affect the building directly, or they can create unevenness in the soil’s moisture level that causes disproportionate settling of the foundation. Trees contributing to such problems may be removed to avoid structural damage to the building.

Ayrshire Tree Surgeons employ a number of varying techniques dependant on individual circumstances when dealing with tree removal. After a careful tree assessment is conducted the tree will be removed in the most suitable safest manner, ranging from a straight fell to a complex sectional dismantlement, utilising ropes, pulleys, rigging equipment and careful planning. Winches and other specialist equipment including cherry pickers are also employed as and when required.

Shown below is the removal of a mature sycamore tree. The limbs had to be carefully lowered by ropes and pulleys to avoid damage to the greenhouse below. Ayrshire Tree Surgeons specialise in the removal of tricky trees in confined spaces.


Tree Removal