Total Customer Guarantee

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Total Customer Guarantee


We are a small local firm with a few employees and not a major organisation that makes promises they don’t keep.

Despite being a small company we offer big guarantees and have developed our own Policies and Procedures to ensure our customers always get the ultimate service.

Most of our work comes from repeat business from satisfied customers and we know that we are only as good as our last job. We are not used to complaints, but if a customer had one, we would listen and put the problem right immediately.

Our Promise:

1. All customers are equal – whether you spend £10 a year with us or £10,000 a year, you get exactly the same consideration, treatment and total care as everybody else.

2. We provide free quotations always, whether it’s a small shrub or a row of giant trees.

3. We supply a written detailed quotation before any work is carried out as standard. None of our existing customers ask for this anymore, but it’s there if you want it. In writing and guaranteed.

4. We never quote for a job we have not seen.

5. Once we have quoted – the quote stands- if we take longer to complete a job than we expected, that’s our problem not yours.

6. We suggest all customers get 2 or 3 quotes from different companies, because that way when you give us the work, you know that we offer the best value for money around.

7. We never go door to door looking for work

8. All works are carried out, providing a safe working environment to both customers and employees.

9. We never leave jobs half done. We return to complete jobs the next working day if possible and guaranteed within 3 days.

10. Respect and protect customers privacy and security.

11. Communicate effectively and considerately with the consumer.

12. Agree any and all changes with the customer BEFORE doing them.

13. Leave all areas both clean and tidy upon completion of the job in accordance with the consumers requirements.

14. Inform consumer FIRST if there is any damage however insignificant.

15. Ensure that our staff have the relevant experience and standards of qualifications or training to undertake, the work specified within the contract.

16. Never expect or request payment before the job is completed, that is unless staged payments before completion is specifically mentioned in the quotation that was agreed with you beforehand.

17. Comply with all laws, statutory regulations and industry best working practice applicable to the Arboricultural industry.

18. Maintain full Employer Liability Insurance cover.

19. Maintain full Public Liability Insurance cover.

20. Maintain full Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

21. Be independently checked annually for conformance to these standards.