Firewood & Logs


FirewoodOur objective is to provide quality seasoned hardwood at competitive prices, delivered straight to your door. Friendly, reliable and professional service guaranteed.
  • Cubic metre £75
  • Transit Tipper Van – £200 (approx 3 cubic meters)
  • Free local delivery
  • Minimum Delivery 1 cubic meter
About our wood

All our logs are a recyclable product from our main industry of tree surgery. We only use hardwood for logs because hardwood burns hotter and longer than softwoods. The timber is cut, split and stacked onto wooden pallets and stored in a well ventilated barn, sheltered from the weather. This arrangement helps air flow through the logs to make drying efficient. The logs are left to season for at least ten months and are available all year round. All our firewood has a maximum moisture content of 20% keeping you warmer for longer.

Load Sizes and Prices

Our logs are sold by volume rather than by weight so that the amounts sold are of constant measure. This is due to the fact that wood gets lighter as it seasons and the moisture content reduces. Selling by weight is therefore not a fair measure and selling by volume ensures all customers receive the same amounts.

We sell most wood by the loose Cubic Metre (m³), as it is loose it will take up less space than a full cubic metre when stacked. Contact us today to get the best deals on Firewood in Glasgow.